PUC Founder Scholarship supports growth and development of gifted students wishing to further their studies and receive the training and education to become global leaders who can shape the society of tomorrow.

Selection Processes
PUC Founder Scholarship selects outstanding scholars through the Application process.

Individuals pursuing a full-time Degree majoring in Accounting

Selection Announcement for PUC Founder Scholars
Every year applicants will apply online for PUC Founder scholarship once they have their acceptance letter from the University,   the application period will end fifteen (15) working days before the registration date. The selected applicants will be announced five (5) working days before the registration date.

Fields of Study

Number of Grantees
The total number of scholars who will be selected to receive our scholarship will be posted on PUC Founder’s main website

Scholarship Coverage
PUC Founder Scholarship will cover 100% of tuition fees & examination fees