Final Year Scholarship Program


The PUC Founder Scholarship Program for Final Year Undergraduates will be awarded to students entering their final year and had maintained outstanding academic results. This scholarship aims to encourage and cultivate a group of student leaders within our society.


Scope of the Scholarship

  • PUC Founder will provide a 100% scholarship to a full-time student about to enter their final year of their accounting major degree program
  • The selected student shall be bonded to PUC Founder to serve out the Student’s bond for a total period of no less than one (1) year
  • Upon completing the Scholarship, Student will be employed as an Account Executive within PUC Founder


Requirement and Eligibility



This Scholarship only accepts Malaysian citizens.


Field(s) of study:

Degree majoring in Accounting


Eligibility: Minimum 3.5 CGPA or its equivalent up to second year academic results of the accounting major degree


Selection Announcement for PUC FOUNDER Scholars

Every year applicants will apply online for PUC Founder scholarship once they have their acceptance letter from the University, the application period will end fifteen (15) working days before the registration date. The selected applicants will be announced five (5) working days before the registration date.


Number of Grantees

The total number of scholars who will be selected to receive our scholarship will be posted with the “Application Results” on our website each year.


Ineligible Applicants

Individuals who are already receiving another scholarship and/or does not meet the minimum requirements will not be considered as candidates for our scholarship



Ages 25 and under for those applying for this scholarship


General Selection Process:

There are two steps in the selection process:

  • Initial Assessment (application form with all the required supporting certified documents)
  • Interview with PUC Founder Scholarship committee

Scholars will be selected by PUC Founder after completing these two steps.

Applications and supporting documents must be sent to PUC Founder Scholarship by email no later than two (2) months before the official semester begins, PUC Founder endeavors to reply each applicant as an acknowledgement of receipt of their application within ten (10) working days. Subject to the receipt of final transcripts, incomplete applications will not be evaluated. All applications received by PUC Founder are considered private and confidential and will be reviewed only by PUC Founder Scholarship Committees.