Media & Advertising

Being a member of 4As (Associated of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia), RHM is specialized in media planning and execution, help advertisers to build their brand and achieve their marketing objectives. RHM is a unique outfit that offers real One Stop Solutions for advertisers. At a single point, an advertiser is able to obtain branding strategy, creative design, production of advertising materials, media planning and advisory, media execution, public relations, public affairs as well as to take the campaign to the ground event to engage with the intended consumers.

RHM works hand in hand with all types of media owners that include but not limited to conventional television, radio, newspaper and many others as well as the emerging popular media of outdoor & indoor digital displays, mobile platforms and social media.

We have a team of talented human capital with strong passion to relentlessly work their best to make every client’s campaign a success. They have been the driving force behind the growth of RHM business all these years. RHM will continue to invest in this success formula, expand the team as well as infusing the right training from time to time that adapts to changing technology, to drive the business to the next level of growth.

Online advertising is the new hit in advertising as it has accumulated a large group of audiences. RHM has also taken this opportunity to work with online network portals to expand the media planning operations. The company provides pre-consultancy services and includes online advertising into the advertising plan to achieve best results for the advertisers. The newly integrated method of advertising which targets both traditional and new media will improve the advertisement exposure rate and be able to transmit the right message to the right audience.